Bountiful Baskets 6-4-16 Distribution

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Recipes and tips for using the Bountiful Baskets 6-4-16 Distribution and in-season produce.  

Tap, tap, tap!!  Hello, hello!!  Is anybody out there?  It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The past couple months were caraaazzzzy busy with The Teens’ activities and work was pretty hectic as well.  I always forget that May is off the charts with school activities.  It’s best to buckle up and go with the flow.  Now that school is out, I feel like I can breathe a little bit.

When I look at the goodies in my Bountiful Basket, it’s easy to see that summer is almost here.  After a couple months of veggie-heavy baskets, the baskets are transitioning to abundant summer produce.  I am happy to see more fruit – berries, mangoes, watermelon, all the fruits really.  This week I contributed for a Conventional basket, Organic basket and a flat of blackberries.  The blackberries are so delicious I ate an entire clamshell before I left the site (not sorry!).  I’ll just consider it quality control.

Using Your Bountiful Baskets |A Reinvented Mom

You’ve got your Bountiful Basket home, cleaned all your goodies and now comes the fun part – deciding what to make with all the awesome produce. If you didn’t get a basket, you can still use these recipes with produce you purchased at the farmer’s market or grocery store – it’s all in season now, readily available and prices out very well.  Click on the colored recipe titles to link directly to the recipes.

Tips & recipes to help you use your Bountiful Baskets 6-4-16 Distribution and in-season produce | A Reinvented Mom



I received the following items in my Conventional basket this week:  2 pineapples, 12 limes, 2 watermelon (1 was a volunteer thank you), blueberries, 3 bananas (I traded these for extra limes), 5 green onions, 2 living lettuce, 2 (huge!) Daikon radishes, bag of potatoes, 2 yellow peppers and 3 zucchini.  The value of this basket is off the charts – just $15 + transportation fee!

Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Chops.
Blueberry Nectarine Cobbler.
Chicken Pasta with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Alfredo Sauce.
Mexican Fruit Salad – uses watermelon & pineapple.
Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats – for our furry friends.
Steak Sandwiches with Green Onion Mayo.
Why Daikon Radishes Deserve More Love – info & tips.
Spicy Roasted Daikon “French Fry” Recipe.
Easy Lipton Onion Roasted Potatoes.
Corn & Yellow Bell Pepper Soup.
Greek Style Zucchini Fritters.
Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers.

What is your favorite basket item this week?  Feel free to share your favorite recipes in the comments – I love to try new recipes!

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Recipes & tips using your Bountiful Baskets 6-4-16 | A Reinvented Mom

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